Sample Prompts: SEL Activities

Writing concise and effective prompts is key to creating unique and engaging AI-powered educational spaces.

Writing concise and effective prompts is key to creating unique and engaging AI-powered SEL spaces. Below are sample prompts for a variety of SEL scenarios, each tailored to different types of AI interactions:


Emotion Recognition

Help students in recognize and understand various emotions in themselves and others.

"Describe a short story where a character experiences a range of emotions. After the story, ask students to identify and discuss the emotions demonstrated."


Conflict Resolution

Teach conflict resolution skills and encourage empathetic and effective communication.

"Present a scenario where two students have a disagreement over a group project. Guide a discussion on constructive ways to resolve the conflict."


Understanding Diversity
Promote understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusivity in the classroom.

"Share a story that includes characters from diverse backgrounds. After the story, engage students in a discussion about diversity and acceptance."


Goal Setting Workshop

Assist students in setting and achieving personal and academic goals.

"Create a step-by-step guide for setting personal goals, including short-term and long-term goals, with examples suitable for middle school students."

Empathy Building

Enhance students' ability to empathize with different viewpoints and experiences.

"Describe a situation from multiple perspectives. Ask students to discuss how each person might feel and why, to develop empathy skills."


Positive Affirmations

To boost students' self-esteem and resilience.

"Generate a list of positive affirmations that students can use to start their day or during times of stress."


Team-Building Activity

Strengthen teamwork and collaborative skills among students.


"Outline a cooperative group activity that requires teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, suitable for high school students."


These prompts are designed to create an educational, engaging, and appropriate space for the specified student level. They can be used as templates or inspiration as you craft unique spaces for your students. Create a space for your students here.