Sample Prompts: Learning Activities

Writing concise and effective prompts is key to creating unique and engaging AI-powered educational spaces.

Writing concise and effective prompts is critical to creating unique and engaging AI-powered educational spaces. Below are sample prompts for various educational scenarios, each tailored to different types of AI interactions.


Topic Explorer

This prompt is designed to elicit an AI response that provides an overview of the French Revolution, making it accessible to younger students.

"Explore the causes and effects of the French Revolution in a simplified manner for middle school students."


Interactive Quiz

This prompt helps generate a quiz, complete with answer choices and explanations, to test students' understanding of a specific biology topic.

"Create a quiz for high school students on the topic of cellular respiration, including multiple-choice options and explanations for the correct answers."


Tutoring in Math

Aimed at breaking down complex mathematical concepts into understandable steps for high school students.

"Explain how to solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formula in a step-by-step manner for a 10th-grade student."


Historical Debate Simulation

This prompt is crafted to create a role-play scenario, encouraging students to explore historical perspectives in an engaging way.

"Simulate a debate between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson on the topic of federal vs. state powers for a U.S. History class."


Creative Writing Assistant

Spark creativity and provide starting points for a student's writing assignment.

"Provide a story starter for a creative writing assignment involving a mystery in a historical setting."


Science Experiment Ideas

Offer practical and educational experiment ideas that align with the curriculum.

"Suggest three science experiments related to renewable energy sources suitable for a 7th-grade science class, including a list of needed materials."


Language Learning

Aid in language learning through a practical conversation example.

"Generate a conversation in Spanish between two characters at a restaurant, suitable for beginner-level students, including translations and basic vocabulary explanations."


Art History Discussion

Provide an informative yet engaging overview of different art movements for an art history class.

"Describe the characteristics of Renaissance art and compare it to Baroque art, in a way that is engaging for high school students."


Environmental Issues Discussion

Educate about environmental issues while promoting student involvement in solutions.

"Discuss the impact of plastic pollution on ocean life, suitable for a 6th-grade environmental science class, and suggest ways students can help reduce plastic waste."


Career Exploration

Provide information on various career paths in STEM, helping students in their future career planning.

"List and describe five different STEM careers, including the education required and potential job responsibilities, for a career guidance session with high school students."


Each of these prompts are designed to create a space that is educational, engaging, and appropriate for the specified student level. They can be used as templates or inspiration as you craft unique spaces for your students. Create a space for your students here.