Getting Started with Spaces

A guide for creating, sharing and analyzing different kinds of Spaces

Exploring Spaces with SchoolAI

Hey there, Learning Experience Designer! Do you want to leverage AI and provide structure for students to use in a way that compliments the learning process instead of circumventing it? We knew you would. Let's talk about Spaces.


First things first: What is a Space? Think of them as purpose-driven AI experiences that a teacher shares with students to participate in. There are many different reasons to extend a Space to students. A Bellringer allows you to welcome your class, see how each student is doing, introduce the topic for the day, and assess any background knowledge already held. An Exit Ticket works to check for understanding of the content covered in class. StudentGPT allows students to interact with their very own AI assistant and enables the teacher to monitor the chat sessions. There are also a variety of themed Spaces that will allow students to immerse themselves in a historical period, language, or concept, providing as close to real-world experience as possible.


We are ready to dive in - we will use Pulse: Bellringer as our example.


Extending Spaces with SchoolAI


After logging in to your SchoolAI account, find and click on Spaces in the bar on the left-hand side of the screen.


Click on Pulse: Bellringer


Some information will need to be gathered by the AI to introduce the students to the topic you plan to cover in class. Enter the required information in the text boxes. You can also ask your students a question, which is not required.


Once you have given the AI all the information, hit Start Session


A pop-up will appear with a Space Code. You have a couple of options for sharing this code with your class. You can copy and paste the link somewhere easily accessible for the students or display the QR code for students to scan.



Once students click a link or scan to join a space, they will be prompted to enter their Name. The space code will auto-generate in the box.


After selecting Join, the student can participate in the Bellringer. The AI will interact with the student, responding to the student's answers appropriately before introducing the lesson being covered in class. The AI will also check for the student's background knowledge about the topic.



The AI will answer questions the student may have about the topic or redirect the student back to the topic at hand if necessary.

As the students complete the Bellringer, you will be getting live insights.


You will be able to see the student's responses and insights that the AI may have about the student or their answers.


After finishing the activity, click End Session in the top left corner. This will remove the student's access to the Space; you will still have the information available in your Space section on the website.


A summary for each student will be displayed.


To re-access this Space and the data, scroll down to Sessions after clicking Bell Ringer and see all historical sessions.



You have conquered Spaces! Each different Space will work in the same way as Bellringer.


As always, please contact us with any questions or additional assistance. We are happy to help.