How To: Editing a Space After Launch

Types of Spaces that can be edited after their launch and how to make those changes.

Exciting news! When you dive into Spaces, our AI-powered platform for engaging learning activities, you can adjust the prompts after launching the Space for the following Space types: 

  • Create Your Own Spaces: Unleash your creativity! You can edit and adapt your custom Spaces anytime, ensuring they perfectly align with your lesson plans and learning objectives.

  • Remix Existing Spaces: Found a Space from another educator that almost fits your needs? Remix it! This option allows you to modify and personalize Spaces created by your peers, making them your own.

Just so you know, pre-made Spaces provided by SchoolAI are designed to offer high-quality, ready-to-use content and, therefore, cannot be edited once launched. These are great when you need a quick, reliable solution without customization.

Embrace the power to create and customize. Your classroom, your rules. Dive into Spaces and personalize the learning journey!


Continue reading, or watch the short video clip below to see how you can edit a Space after it has been launched. 


Step-By-Step Guide to Editing a Launched Space

1. Open your Spaces launch page


2. Click on the Space you would like to make changes to. Remember that SchoolAI-created Spaces can not be edited after they are launched. 


3. Click on the thumbnail image for the Space.


4. Click on the button with the Pencil that says "Edit Space".


5. Make the changes you want in the appropriate fields and click "Save."