Creating Spaces: An Intro to Prompting

As we embrace AI in the classroom, the skill of crafting impactful spaces with good AI prompts is vital.

As we embrace AI in the classroom, the skill of crafting impactful spaces with good AI prompts is vital. This post offers essential tips for creating prompts that enrich student learning and engagement. Dive in to enhance your AI-assisted teaching strategies!

  • Be Clear and Specific: Define your prompt's objective clearly. Use specific and concise language to guide the AI towards the desired response. Avoid ambiguity to prevent irrelevant or confusing responses.

  • Incorporate Educational Objectives: Align your prompts with specific learning goals. Ensure each prompt encourages responses that reinforce the educational content or skills you want to teach.

  • Encourage Critical Thinking: Design prompts that require students to analyze, evaluate, or create, rather than just recall information. This encourages deeper engagement with the material.

  • Include Context: Especially for complex subjects, provide enough background information within the prompt to make the context clear. This helps the AI provide more relevant and accurate responses.

  • Promote Interactive Learning: Create prompts that encourage back-and-forth dialogue. This can include follow-up questions, requests for clarification, or prompts that build on previous answers.

  • Incorporate Real-World Scenarios: Use prompts that relate to real-world situations or current events to make the learning experience more relevant and engaging.

  • Incorporate Multidisciplinary Approaches: Where relevant, design prompts that intersect with different subjects (like combining math with history), to provide a more holistic learning experience.

  • Encourage Reflection: Include prompts that ask students to reflect on what they have learned, how they have applied it, and how it relates to their own experiences.

  • Test and Refine: Regularly test your prompts using the preview panel to help refine them for clarity and effectiveness.


By following these tips, you can create AI prompts that not only engage students but also significantly enhance their learning experience. Ready? Use your new prompting skills to create a space for your students here.